To my place

Oh hello there

Welcome to my space. It's still a work in progress but I'm blogging about what I'm currently working on, so go on and check that out if you're interested!

That's me with Max, the loveliest of all the cats. I've worked for a long time in the Toronto tech scene as a recruiter and have helped build out some of the best engineering teams in the city. The more time I spent talking to people about 'the thing' (i.e. building software), the more interested I became in the thing itself. The process of designing software that you build and release into the world had me intrigued, and so I began to study at home after work.

Well, a few years later I've decided to give it a real go and have left the recruitment world behind for a bit. Currently I'm at Seneca College doing the Advanced Diploma in Computer Programming to unlearn some of the bad habits I've taught myself as well as learn stuff that I couldn't wrap my head around without guidance.

Some of my projects